Reach Out Prospects Around

Potantial buyers walking around desire to find easily what they are looking for.
Let them know you have the thing they are looking for.

How a product can be found at Passer ?

Passer Promotes Your Products

A person walking in store would definitely like to know the features, price, size and color options of product they like.

They can find out all this information only by scanning the barcode of product.

Description and Features

They can see the description and all features.

Similar Products and Outfits

Passer App offers similar products and outfits currently existing in the store.


Color Variations

All color variations can be shown easily.

Size Options

They can see all size options currently available and unavailable.


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Make Your Store Reachable At Eveywhere

Only one of five people purchase products while visiting a store. Don’t settle for this.

Make your store available at everywhere and every time, increase your sales ratios.

Let Your Store Be Followed

Your followers can visit your store from everywhere and be alerted for every change you make.

Let Your Products Be Added to Favorites

The most profitable feature of e-commerce is now available for B&B Stores. Let them add your products to F’s and watch how it turns into purchase.

Discover The Effect Of Notifications

Don’t spend time by hoping to reach out to right audience with ads and social media. Use notifications for notifying your audience about new products, discounts and campaigns.

Sale At Out Of Working Hours

Let a person walking by your store visit your store at closing hours. Or let them buy a dress they liked two days ago at 2 A.M. All is possible now.


Knowledge Is Power. Discover It Now.

Equip your store with technology. Have knowledge on your products and customers.

Equip your store with technology. Have knowledge on your products and customers.

Product Views

Most Liked Products

Most Shared Products

Like/Sales Ratios

Expected Product Availability

And much more...

Other Features Will Help You To Expand Business

Passer Experience Partnership

Let our Passer Experiencers promote your products for free.

Better Freight Prices

Deliver your products for better prices thanks to Passer deals.

Deliver At Store Feature

Let your customers receive their purchased products for free at your store. When they visit, they can discover your other products.


Start growing your business with the right plan



Essential for sellers who desire to reach maximum number of people and sell their products at B&M Stores or online

  • Promote your store and products to everybody around
  • Sell on PasserShop Marketplace
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Free product promotion via Passer Experiencer Partnership
  • Affordable Freight Prices
  • In-store Delivery Option
  • You can manage your store using web app or mobile app
  • Easy product adding and management
  • Low commission fees
  • Short Payment Periods

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3 months free trial!

No Credit Card Required, Auto Cancelleation After Trial

Designed for sellers who handle things more professionally with omni-channel approach.

Additionally to Entry Package:

  • Multiple Stores at Multiple Locations
  • Store Following Option and Able to Send Notifications
  • Able to Send notifications for Product Tracking and Product Changes ( Renewed Inventory, Price Change etc.)
  • In-Store Virtual Sales Assistant

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3 months free trial!

No Credit Card Required, Auto Cancelleation After Trial

Created for professionals who like to achieve great results in very short time

Additionally to Professional Package:

  • Detailed Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Sales and Inventory Insights
  • Free price tags provided if there is no barcode system in store *
  • Multichannel Support

*At most 5.000 price tags will be provided for free

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